Our first brokering lunch

Our first brokering lunch is scheduled for Friday 6th June, at 12 Jordan Street.

This is not just a networking lunch! Over the past few years we have supported over 100 local business organisations and helped to develop several collaborations. We like to introduce our clients to each other when we think there is potential for them to work together and share expertise/resources. We call this “managed brokering”, using our knowledge of the organisations and local markets to make introductions and develop collaborative working.

The benefits of the links we have brokered to date include:

  • Stimulating innovation through cross sector working
  • Sharing skills and resources between organisations
  • Developing joint funding bids and tenders

So we have invited some of the organisations we have been working with to come along and make some interesting connections.

We will be meeting in the new meeting room at 12 Jordan Street, and using the in-house café to provide the lunch – supporting a new start up business in the process!

We plan to hold these events every 6-8 weeks, so if you have a particular theme or issue you would like help with or are looking for partners to work with please let us know and if we can bring an interesting and relevant group of people together we will do so.